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From Glenn Rawson, Jean Tonioli and Jason Tonioli

Stories Of The Hymns

Have you ever wondered about the circumstances and origin stories for the hymns Amazing Grace, Nearer My God to Thee, Abide With Me, Battle Hymn of the Republic, Come Thou Fount of Every Blessing, America the Beautiful and many others?
We spent thousands of hours searching for the stories around the composers and authors of the hymns and were blown away with what we found.  
Many favorite Christian hymns and their authors have incredible stories that will make you listen to and sing these songs in an entirely different way. Our team spent thousands of hours researching and finding the most inspiring stories that will uplift those who take time to read or listen.
Hymns are a form of worship and prayer that are capable of expressing what mere words alone cannot.  Moreover, sacred music has an almost incalculable power to soften hearts, invite the Spirit, teach truth, and bind us together in unity.
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Stories Of Christmas - Second Edition

This book is written in two parts.

The first section includes stories of favorite Christmas songs and hymns, excerpts from history related to the season, and personal holiday experiences which are meaningful to the authors.

The second section contains stories from the Bible related to the birth of Jesus Christ.

This Second Edition copy features NEW stories not found in the first edition.

Glenn Rawson Stories Collections

I love the power of a good story, especially one that teaches correct principles. Some of my first and favorite stories that I’ve shared were in the scriptures. I began many years ago recording stories to share via radio and have continued to feel that I need to share these stories to teach and uplift others. 
For the past two years, I’ve assembled the stories we’ve shared into a published volume. Our hope is that these stories will help in some small way to draw you closer to the arms of mercy. The stories contained in this book are true and intended to help others feel of His spirit and gain a testimony for themselves.
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Tempering Steele

Glenn’s First Work of Fiction!

The story of one man’s search for the reality of God, Tempering Steele follows J. O. Steele, a modern-day prodigal son running and rebelling across the highways of America until the awesome forces of those who love and hate him bring him to his knees, barely holding onto life.

Gathering Israel, Missionaries and Converts

This collection of conversion stories, from converts and missionaries, shares experiences and miracles about teaching others. It contains an abundance of inspiring, motivational, and instructional stories about missionaries, missionary work, and the converts and conversions that make up this sacred labor.

These stories are perfect for a short spiritual thought, or even content for a full meeting, whether it be with youth, adults or leadership meetings. The stories are true and help remind all of us that our Heavenly Father is there to watch over and guide those who are willing to serve.

Many of the stories are drawn from the past and illustrate the faith, hard work, and sacrifice that is required to assist the Lord in gathering Israel for this last time. These stories are a witness that this is the Lord’s work, and He works with His servants closely to accomplish His purposes.

Tell me the Stories of Christmas- First Edition

This new book is a compilation of all Christmas stories that I have created in past years. My hope is that these stories will be able to help you with church talks, lessons, stories you may share with family or friends or any other time that you might be needing an uplifting story to share.

Often, when we think of the Christmas story, we turn to Luke 2 or Matthew 1, and it is right that we do. Those are powerful, eye-witness accounts of the Savior’s birth. However, Christ is the Savior of all men, of all ages, from Father Adam to the final winding up scene. There is only one Savior and one name that brings salvation. It follows then that prophets and apostles, past and present, have looked to Him and wrote of Him. In so doing, they often spoke of that first Christmas, sharing insights and prophecies beyond that of Luke or Matthew.

For the most part, this book is the telling of the Christmas story throughout the whole of the scriptures. There are other stories added in, but this book is a testimony and witness of the divinity of the Lord Christ from across the ages.

Tell me the Stories of the Old Testament

The Almighty, through his prophets, gathered, edited, and published a book of histories, stories and teachings for us. It is a sacred library selected by God to help us. And while some may say, “Oh, I’ve heard all those since I was just a child!” my response is, “Have you? Have you learned all that the Lord intended for you from that story?” It seems with the word of the Lord, there is always another layer of meaning.

For that reason, we offer this small collection of stories originally printed for newspapers and produced for radio. Our team has organized and compiled more than 30 years of stories. Some of the stories had been shared on the Sounds of Sunday radio program. Few had been printed in books. As we searched through old hard drives, cloud drives and other random locations we started realizing that there were hundreds of stories that had likely never been seen by others.
Our hope is that these stories will help in some small way draw you closer to the arms of mercy. The stories contained in this book are true and intended to help others feel of His spirit and gain a testimony for themselves.