4-Book Bundle Sale

These books are Glenn’s bestselling book of all time! Be inspired by the stories that led to the writing of many of the most popular Christian hymns. Our team spent several thousand hours researching the most impactful stories and has compiled them into over 200 pages that cover 41 of the hymns.

This is a special Holiday 4 Books Bundle Sale. This bundle consists of Glenn’s bestselling books – Stories of the Hymns, Old Testament Stories, and Glenn Stories Collections year 1 and 3, respectively. For the holidays, our team decided we wanted to get this to as many people as possible. We’ve done a very large print run with the goal of making the books as affordable as possible. We hope that you’ll help us share these stories with your friends and neighbors and help bring added meaning to the hymns that are sung each week in Christian congregations of all faiths.
- Glenn Rawson

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